Packaging Services

We’re dedicated to providing customized packaging solutions specifically designed to meet your needs.

Our many years of experience in the field and innovative, eco-friendly processes have allowed us to streamline the design and packaging process so that it’s geared toward providing you with high-quality products and service, all while staying mindful of how we treat the environment. Whether you need one-time-packaging service or ongoing consultation and production, we look forward to serving you. At Acuity Packaging and Logistics, we offer the following services:

Face-Seal Blister Sealing

A cost-efficient retail packaging style where a thermoformed blister profile is sealed to the face of a blister-card by activating a clear adhesive coating in the areas where the blister flange contacts the blister-card.

Trapped Blister Sealing

A cost-effective retail packaging style where a thermoformed blister profile is “trapped” and secured between two blister-cards by sealing them together using a co-adhesive or heat-activated adhesive coating.


A high-visibility packaging style that utilizes either one or two thermoformed profiles to secure and protect a product yet allows maximum visibility.

Pallet Display / Club Store Display Assembly and Fulfillment

The most common temporary display styles are counter, shelf, end-cap, dump bins and floor displays. These styles are placed in strategic retail environments to aggressively promote nearly any product.


The process through which separate pieces of merchandise are grouped and packaged as a single unit, which can be as simple as building empty work-in-process (WIP) kits for industrial product handling, or as interesting as assembly of retail kits with various products joined together in a variety pack.


This is the process of unpacking a previously packaged items, making necessary changes or adjustments to the configuration and re-assembling the package to the revised specification.

To learn more about the ways Acuity can serve you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help.