Design Services

At Acuity Packaging and Logistics, we’re committed to providing the best value to our customers.

We focus on listening to you and understanding what you want before we develop a plan that is logical, reasonable, manufacturable, environmentally friendly and geared specifically to your needs. Before we create a packaging design, we’ll also focus on cost and marketing effectiveness. Most importantly, we’ll work with you every step of the way. When we commit to providing value, we back it with helpfulness and a true dedication to meeting your needs, big or small.

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Package Design

Package design is the creation of a unique product package that meets a customer’s needs, including the planning and production of the product package. When a design is created or restyled, we pay close attention to: size, shape, package color and appearance, degree of protection, product visibility, eco-impact of product material and more.


Tooling is the process of assembling the required components to form, trim and seal a product’s packaging. The tooling process begins with a CAD design, which is then formed into a prototype and, upon approval, is used to complete the final product.


Upon approval of the package design and creation of the tooling, manufacturing is the final step in product creation. Manufacturing is the physical production and assembly of the pieces of the packaging. This process is followed by package assembly and prep for point of sale.